Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Barbecue & Politics: The Final Season

That’s right, kids. Yesterday’s post kicked off the very last season of Barbecue & Politics.

Like all the great sitcoms (pictured) this blog must eventually end, no matter how much heartache ensues. In fact, some sources say the only reason Gervais is even dusting off the ol' keyboard is that he just needs a few more posts before he gets syndicated on the WB.

What do we have in store for the next few months? I have no idea. But I promise you this: I will probably try to post a lot of mildly interesting stuff if I’m not too busy with other things, for as long as I can, but not more than a few months.

Whether I can live up to these lofty standards remains to be seen, but if you plan to stop by, here are a few of Gervais' ground rules:

1. Counter-arguments. One of the most useful features of many blogs is the ability to make counter-arguments in the comments. This feature is unnecessary on this blog because the information is factually correct and the opinions are even more correct.

2. Profanity. Don't cuss. The word “bleep” is a useful onomatopoeic device, universally recognized as a viable substitute for an expletive.

3. Anonymity. Sure, whatever.

4. Bias. In some posts, you may think you notice a “bias” towards or against a certain politician or political group or issue. That’s because you are “biased” to think that way. You should purge your mind of this bias and approach each issue without bias, just like Gervais.

5. Advertising. Through a quasi-exclusive arrangement with Google, advertisers may reach dozens of Barbecue & Politics readers, several of whom have paying jobs, with a text ad in a 10-point font that is bound to attract customers like moths to a flame. It’s your money, but I can't imagine a better way to spend it.

6. Agenda. Undoubtedly some unscrupulous reader will accuse Gervais of having an “agenda.” Such accusations will always be met with the same unwavering response: I will pretend I didn’t hear you correctly. Did you say magenta? Addendum? Girlfriend named Brenda? I’m sorry, I just can’t understand you.

That's it for the "ground rules." Come back tomorrow, when Gervais starts "lifting the bun" on some of the most bleeped up aspects of SC politics.


Rob W. said...

Awesome... welcome back.

tammy said...

Yay!!! Can't wait. Welcome back. :) t