Wednesday, August 01, 2007

One more reason not to vote for Dennis Kucinich

No, not the tall piece of arm-candy he somehow landed as his wife. He gets "mad props," "big ups," and a hardy "kudos" for that.

It’s the shirt.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure there are good reasons not to eat 'cue. Like, your stomach lacks the enzymes to break down the barbecue AND you cannot find a friend to swallow, digest, and regurgitate it for you.

But I bet Dennis Kucinich has got the enzymes. I bet he’s got plenty of them enzymes.


Rodney said...

Mmmmm 'Cue. So my sons birthdays are coming up in August and I'm smoking two big boston butts on the mighty Big Green Egg for the party. You ever see a BGE, Gervais? Good stuff. 200 degrees, all night, no burn-outs. Priceless.

Silence Dogood said...

I feel ya on this one Gervais. One of my siblings was a vegetarian for years (Vegan? don't know? I think he was a non-demoninational vegetarian) which left me having to "eat for two" when it came to eating meat for all those years.

gervais s. bridges said...

Rodney, I've never seen the Big Green Egg. But it sounds like you're raisin' your boys right!

Silence, you're giving me a great idea... Convince the rest of the family to go vegetarian and that's more Hudson's 'cue for me. I like it.