Thursday, July 05, 2007

Shealy's Bar-B-Que: peachy keen

The Bridges family officially "got its Shealy's on" for the Fourth of July holiday. Hannah Jane, Petunia, Gervais Jr. (with ten teeth in his whole head) and yours truly filled up the tank Wednesday morning and headed west to the bustling metropolis of Gilbert for the annual Lexington County Peach Festival.

Fresh peaches, southern gospel music, peach slushees & ice cream, and good patriotic folks were the order of the day. Politics was also in the air - from sheriff candidates and the Lexington GOP tent to the Sam Brownback parade float and Obama stickers.

Oh, and there was Shealy's barbecue. Shealy's intensely flavorful, positively mouthwatering, "hot town, summer in the city" barbecue.

Gervais says, nobody can hold a Roman candle to Shealy's. It's like an Independence Day parade for your tastebuds.

Of course, opinions will differ, and spirited debate on the matter is the stuff democracy is made of. But whoever happens to serve up your favorite 'cue, one thing is undebatable: the Fourth is a great day to live in this little corner of the USA we call the Palmetto State. Can I get an "Amen" to that?


Anonymous said...

I say "Amen"!

Rob W. said...

Amen to Shealy's

Anonymous said...

Amen to BBQ and to the fact you're getting such praise from the S.C.A.E. (South Carolina Axis of Evil - Iacovelli, Gross and SCRG. Keep up the BBQ and the pressure on the SCAE.

Anonymous said...

"nobody can hold a Roman candle to Shealy's"... You, my friend, have never ventured to the promised land. AKA Goodland BBQ in Springfield, SC.