Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chester needs our help sloganeering

As I'm sure you noticed during your recent perusal of the Chester News & Reporter, Chester County needs our help in a bad way.

The County Council is offering $100 for the best slogan or design for the county's new welcome sign. $100, kids. Submissions must be sent to the County Supervisor's Office by September 1st, so time is of the essence.

Pictured is an example of one of the submissions, from the News & Reporter website:

So far submissions include "Welcome to Chester County! Pride in the past...Faith in the future" and other slogans such as "Where imagination comes with historical values" and "Where we are growing to live and living to grow."

Those are cute and all, but I think the readers of Barbecue & Politics can do better. (You can even download the oval at the News & Reporter, if you really want to try for the $100.)

UPDATE(s): Never mind about the $100. I'm pretty sure Gervais has it in the bag with one of these submissions:


Anonymous said...

A perfectly square county with perfectly hip people.

Jay said...

Thanks for pulling off 77 to stop at our Exxon. Big Gulps, huh? Well, see you later.

SGuilfoyle said...

Well, the Front Porch restaurant has some good barbecue.
Chester Mayor Mitch Foster is a champeen barbecuer.
The County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey is THE man for hash at the ResCUE squad fund-raiser each year.
The Uriel Presbyterian BBQ each Labor Day weekend is a happening place — last year, John Spratt showed up just as Ralph Norman was leaving. Or vice versa.
If you want barbecue and politics in one package, Chester is your place.
We appreciate your post.

Stephen Guilfoyle
The News & Reporter

gervais s. bridges said...


Thanks for stoppin' by B&P and for the mention in the updated article.

The Bridges family will have to swing by and dine with the good folks of Chester sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

Hal Stone is back to Chester to make sure all of this gets taken care of in the true spirit of Chester. Chester is in good hands. Go Hal!

Anonymous said...

the comments you say are going to win, they are making fun of chester county. and you, by saying they are going to win, are too.

SGuilfoyle said...

Howdy Gervais.
All the submissions are in in the Welcome Sign contest.
I took the liberty of dropping your two suggestions by along with about 77 other slogans and designs.
The county had another 29 unique suggestions. Got about 10 more today.
So we are well into about 120ish territory.
Don't know who will win. But you are in the mix.
You missed a couple of other decent barbeuce related events, with political overtones, in Chester.
The Mayor, Mitch Foster, came in first in the state in barbecuing over the weekend. (Actually did bad in the weekend contest, but was way ahead on points.)
The Chester Rescue Squad had one of its fund-raising events, led by the hashing and 'cuing of County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey.
We also had the Uriel Presbyterian Barbecue. By itself, not political.
But John Spratt always drops by, and he dropped by Monday. It's a Labor Day event.

Good luck.
Stephen Guilfoyle
The News & Reporter

(If you are who I think you are, I might have gone to school with a relative of yours.)