Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wagener councilman insists he's not part of 'Cartel Ravenel'

Wagener Ravenel supporter and town councilman Mike Miller says he's not the same Michael Miller involved in the cocaine distribution conspiracy allegations against Thomas Ravenel. From the Aiken Standard:

"It was kind of cute to begin with but now it's bothersome," he said. "It's gone on all day for two days now. I sure would like to clear my name."
I bet you would, Mr. Miller. I bet you would. Why don't you start by describing in detail where you were during, let's say, 2005?

UPDATE: B&P has learned that the actual alleged drug dealer, Michael L. Miller, has responded by emphatically denying any involvement whatsoever with the Wagener town council. Said Miller from a Charleston detention center, "I, too, wanted to clear my name of such unsavory insinuations."

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