Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Voucher Voice pt. II: "Blog it nee-ga!"

So who is the Voucher Voice: an anonymous Sandlapper blogging his or her SC heart out, or just another paid shill for the out-of-state voucher lobby? It’s a fair question, considering the blog advertises itself on SCHotline. Not many bloggers use their hard-earned money to promote their blogs.

Turns out, the Voucher Voice isn’t as anonymous as it seems at first blush. A quick Google blogsearch reveals that the Voice goes by the handle "Herbert1820."

So the Voucher Voice is a guy. Named Herbert. Makes sense, because guys named Herbert are 39% more likely to get beat up in school than non-Herberts; ergo, they are more likely harbor a deep-seated resentment for the rest of their lives.

Herbert1820 has another website, too. Really, he just uses another website to store info about vouchers. It’s called LookSmart FURL, “Your personal web file.” Pretty neat idea. There, at the Herbert1820 Education Archive, he likes to keep a list of voucher articles written by various newspapers and libertarian think-tanks. And that’s not all – Herbert also adds comments about the articles he finds.

Some of these comments are mundane, like "Bush the big spender" and "For Christ's sakes."

Others can be downright entertaining, like “Inez is a total slut” and “Blog it nee-ga!

I think “Inez” might refer to the former Supt. of Education, but I have no idea what “nee-ga” means. Sounds Native American.

If there are any Native American studies majors out there who know what the Voucher Voice means by “blog it, nee-ga!” shoot me an email. We can discuss that tomorrow, when we try to finally figure out whether the Voice has the best interests of SC at heart, or simply has an ideological aversion to public schools. (Go to Part Three)


notverybright said...

I find this stuff Herbert1820 has done a little bizarre.

Is this sorta like "Lost," where you keep stringing us out with more and more questions, and then finally in the end you explain what it was all about?

gervais s. bridges said...

Yes, NVB, I'm stringing you along a little bit.