Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Re-Hash: Scowl Scowlson

The big news in the blogosphere this week is undoubtedly the official entry of Frown - er, Fred - Thompson into the GOP presidential contest. Visit the fine SC blog coverage here:

Brad Warthen's Blog: Playing Hard to Get
SC '08: Fred Frenzy
The Chaser: Thompson begins courting SCGOP
The Palmetto Scoop: SC legislators urge Thompson to run
FITS NEWS: Right Said Fred

In honor of Thompson's official big splash into the race for the GOP nod, Gervais has a little game: The Faces of Fred. It's pretty easy ... just match the expression in the photos to the event which elicited such a tender, emotional response. Here goes:

1. Just watched YouTube video of baby panda bear sneezing.

2. Found twenty dollar bill in pants pocket.

3. Hears his Weird Al Yankovic ring-tone.

4. Sees elderly couple holding hands in park.

5. Dog just farted out loud.

6. Just "huffed" a nitrous oxide balloon.

7. Feet being tickled by nuzzling baby bunny.

8. Narrowly escapes fiery automobile crash.

9. USA defeats Soviet Union in hockey, 1980.

Answers: (1)C ( 2)G (3)I (4)A (5)F (6)H (7)B (8)E (9)D

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

At least his smirk doesn't look as evil as Dick Cheney's!

Tim said...

That is some funny S--t

AS said...

SO glad you are back!