Thursday, May 17, 2007

Obama visit, new Top Ten

As you may have heard, prospective First Lady Michelle Obama will be visiting the bustling metropolis of West Columbia this weekend, to speak at the Women’s Day Luncheon at Brookland Baptist Church. Factoid: West Columbia used to be named "Brookland" but changed because there was already another town by the same name. Go figure!

Anyway, in honor of Mrs. O.’s visit, here’s a good old-fashioned Barbecue & Politics Top Ten list... Enjoy!

Top Ten Signs Barack Obama’s popularity is getting out of control

10. New mini-wheat cereal from Kellogg’s purports to have a wheat side, a frosting side, and an “Obama” side

9. Welcomed by fellow patrons with hearty “Barack!” when he enters neighborhood bar and takes stool next to mailman

8. Obnoxious concertgoers starting to yell “2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address” instead of “Freebird”

7. New Obama Jibbitz® allow wearers to put some “Barack in their Crocs”

6. Magic 8-Ball novelty toy now features standard responses “All signs point to Obama” and “Ask again during Obama presidency”

5. After stubbing toe, Rudy Giuliani overheard shouting “Son of a Kenyan goat herder!”

4. When Obama won Grammy, taunted arch-rival Peter Frampton with, “Who’s coming alive now, bitch?”

3. Each successive Obama clone built to meet public demand is slightly inferior to the prior one, causing endless shenanigans at the home and office

2. On par with David Hasselhoff for popularity among Germans, but without being a complete douche-bag here in the U.S.

1. Top Google search results include “Barack Obama” “Obama president” and “shaved hot moms,” which must be one of his campaign slogans or something


Politics Rocks said...

yea, yea, .... datz rite

Reuben said...

This is to funny!

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WELCOME BACK!!! You were missed!

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WELCOME BACK, it is so good to have you back!
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