Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Grills Gone Wild: good catered 'cue

Last year, over a decade after Fairweather Johnson was released, the Rosewood Crawfish Festival was born. What, you ask, does a crustacean-based street festival have to do with Hootie and the Blowfish’s triple-platinum sophomore album? Nothing whatsoever. Which is exactly what crawfish have to do with Rosewood. Which is exactly why it’s so brilliant.

The Bridges Family loaded up the wagon last weekend to make our second annual pilgrimage to the RCF. And a bon temp was had by all, if you know what I’m saying. There were big inflatable bouncy rooms, slides & rides, and face-painting... not to mention stuff for kids. Plenty of beer and wine was available, and musical acts included SC blues legend Drink Small and the venerable rockers Drivin' n' Cryin'. All in all, it was a very successful event with a large crowd, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have to extend it by a block or so next year to accommodate the success.

Only thing was, when I got to the front of the crawfish line, I noticed that the caterer, Grills Gone Wild, offered a barbecue sandwich for half the cost of a plate of crawfish. Let’s see - a nice smoked barbecue sandwich for $5, or something I could catch myself with a Cool Whip container for twice as much...

The sandwiches were pretty good. I’d be lyin’ if I said they were on par with Maurice’s or Hite’s or Shealy’s, but it was good for catered, festival food and it went down nicely with a vanilla shake from the Rosewood Dairy Bar. Also, it was a good alternative for folks who don’t want to pay ten bucks for a bunch of mudbugs.

At the end of the day, the ‘cue from Grills Gone Wild earned a solid thumbs up from the Bridges family, as did the Rosewood Crawfish Festival. Gervais says, I can’t wait to get my claws on some more good eating there next year.


Anonymous said...

Editor's Note
May 22, 2007

The staff of BELIEVEITNOT deeply regret the recent interruption to our service and any inconvience to some very respectable blogs when we found it necessary to share our posts in order to get our message out.

The recent troubles were the result of a shameful and un-American attempt at censorship by sic(k) willie - aka Beldar of Remulak.

On at least two occasions recently our timely and incredibly funny, entertaining and informative posts were intentionally deleted by sic(k) willie. Everyone who knows him knows he has a very bad temper and "can't stand the heat."

This censorship is particularly outrageous since we go to great lengths here at BELIEVEITNOT.NEWS to stay well within the sleazy boundaries set by weewillie himself for his posts.

We hope this crisis has passed. Please let sic(k) willie know that censorship is un-American. We will get our message out.

And thank you for reading BELIEVEITNOT.NEWS.


Rob W. said...

Glad to have you back. I'm out of SC and in great need of some delicious Shealy's and (pro-slavery tinged but scrumptious) Maurice's, so it warms my heart to get a BBQ (and politics) review. Could you get rid of your newsfeed thing? It seems to freeze up the web browser on the ol' Dell.

Also, BelieveItOrNot, it's one thing to be a troll on the Folk's blog, but you need to cut this crap out. Start your own stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

I echo Rob W. "welcome back" and I echo his comments on Believe it or not. Can you delete his stuff?

Anonymous said...

May 23, 2007
This posts was censored by Will Folks on his blog. Email Will. Tell him censorship is un-American.

This string started off about judicial integrity, but I agree with the comment about Will’s integrity. Rather, his lack of.

Over and over and over he has shown a total lack of integrity in almost everything he does. From the scandals when he was with the governors office to his felony conviction.

Some of his most recent boondoggles include his fake story that some unnamed midlands elected official has a “Strom problem.” Boy, everybody jumped on that for a day.

It turned out to be untrue. Did Will check it out before he spread it all over several blogs including his own? No. He put it out as truth and promised details. Lier or fool? You judge.

Another of his foolish stunts is the recent FOI request he claims to have made for the governor’s laptop. Even if what he says is true there is no way he will ever get his hands on a single bit of data from that computer. And, he knows it.

The worst part of that stunt is his total lack of integrity and loyalty to his former boss. If there was something illegal or unethical about it why didn’t Will bring it up long ago?

Over the last week he has manufactured more gossip and rumors over the Supreme Court issue than The National Enquirer has made up in 20 years. All because he did not like the fact that the leading candidate is black - and to make things even worse - many Republicans voted for him!

So, Judge Beatty is elected. And the monsters under Will’s bed are still eating his dust bunnies. We can only wonder what new fictional crisis he will dream up next.

Whatever it is he will be sure to have plenty of anonymous emails and unnamed reliable sources to back him up.