Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Re-Hash

What a fun week in in the SC political blogosphere…

It all started Saturday when the Body Politic Joshua Gross posted a video by Conservatives in Action—a video which appears to have the kid from Jerry Maguire in it. The point of the video was to smear Judge Donald Beatty, now the newest member of the SC Supreme Court. Seems like it worked out pretty well. The best part was this, a comment by Gross:

[Y]ou think there were hardball tactics used here? Wow. As Yogi Berra would say, "You ain't seen nothing yet".

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet? Oh, brother. Gervais says, talking smack about judicial elections is bad in itself - talking smack like Bachman Turner Overdrive has been stuck in your 8-track player for the last thirty years, that’s a whole 'nother level of wack. Next.

Not Very Bright was covering the election of Beatty to the SC Supreme Court in real time, in one of the funniest posts I’ve read in a while:

1:00 - Somebody makes a motion “to allow the bodies to talk to one another.” What the heck does that mean? There’s a voice vote, and folks seem to be arguing about whether the aye’s or nay’s won. Somebody says into the mic “What did it sound like to you?” Sounds like the same voice that make the Viagra joke earlier. I wonder if the bodies are going to talk to each other. It would be more fun if they sang to each other like the boy’s cabin and the girl’s cabin used to do at summer camp.

Good stuff, NVB. Also chiming in on the Conservatives In Action attack ad and Beatty’s election were Brad Warthen, FitsNews, and Seeding Spartanburg.

A pretty good new site is TPS, “The Palmetto Scoop.” TPS finds a recent poll by Insider Advantage a little suspect:

Insider Advantage today released its 871,358,943rd of the 2008 South Carolina presidential primary. And for the 871,358,942nd time, it showed Newt Gingrich MIRACULOUSLY polling atop the field - only one point behind the frontrunner at 17 percent. That’s interesting given that we have seen few non-Insider Advantage S.C. polls showing Gingrich in double-digits, much less at the top.

If you want to know TPS’s theory on Newt’s anomalous success in SC, you’ll have to go to that site.

Have a great weekend!


Notverybright said...

I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy....But thanks for the mention anyway.

And hey, a big welcome back. said...

In the spirit of "re-hash" let's give this another read. Anyone who considers will folks and his blog a reliable source needs to read this twice:

A recent post on will's blog started off about judicial integrity and Judge Beatty’s election to the Supreme Court, but it continued with a comment on Will’s integrity. Rather, his lack of integrity.

Over and over and over he has shown a lack of integrity in almost everything he does. From the scandals when he was with the governors office to his felony conviction.

Some of his most recent foolishness includes his fake story that some unnamed midlands elected official has a “Strom problem.” Boy, everybody jumped on that for a day.

It turned out to be untrue. Did Will check it out before he spread it all over several blogs including his own? No. He put it out as truth and promised details. Lier or fool? You judge.

Another of his foolish stunts is the recent FOI request he claims to have made for the governor’s laptop. Even if what he says is true there is no way he will ever get his hands on a single bit of data from that computer. And, he knows it.

The worst part of that stunt is his total lack of integrity and loyalty to his former boss. If there was something illegal or unethical about it why didn’t Will bring it up long ago?

He manufactured more gossip and rumors in a week about Judge Beatty than the National Enquirer has made up in 20 years. All because he did not like the fact that the leading candidate is black - and to make things even worse - many Republicans voted for him!

So, Judge Beatty is elected. And the monsters under Will’s bed are still eating his dust bunnies. We can only wonder what new fictional crisis he will dream up next.

Whatever it is he will be sure to have plenty of anonymous emails and unnamed reliable sources to back him up.