Tuesday, July 11, 2006

23% of Floyd's contributions from Howard Rich

Richly endowed
I promised myself I'd stop, but this is incredible.

According to the latest ethics disclosures, Supt. of Education candidate Karen Floyd has raked in $288,530 in about a month and a half, since her last report.

But that's not really what's incredible... most of that was from two big bank loans: $100,000 from First National Bank and $81,572 from NBSC.

So Floyd really only “raked in” $106,958 in contributions.

What's incredible is how much of that was from SCRG's boss, New York libertarian Howard Rich:

5/26 405 49 Associates 73 Spring St., Rm. 507, New York, NY, $3,500
5/26 538-14 Realty, LLC 73 Spring St., Ste. 507, New York, NY, $3,500
5/26 Silver & Silver Properties, LLC 1010 One Premier Plaza, Atlanta ,GA $3,500
6/02 123 LaSalle Associates 73 Spring St., Rm. 507, New York, NY $3,500
6/02 123 LaSalle, Inc. 73 Spring St., Rm. 507, New York, NY $3,500
6/02 Bayrich, LLC 73 Spring St., Ste. 507, New York, NY $3,500
6/02 Dayrich, LLC 73 Spring St., Rm. 507, New York, NY $3,500

That’s $24,500, or 23%, from one man's ever-growing arsenal of companies.

Another $17,500, or 16%, came from several companies -- Aspect Energy, Azimuth Energy, Walnut Software, etc. -- which share an address: 511 16th Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO, 80202. The address is also shared by a voucher organization called "Alliance for Choice in Education," whose name is not found in the ethics filing.

All told, 47% of Floyd's contributions were from out-of-state. And 23% was from Howard Rich. I don't know if I mentioned that.

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Uncle Zoloft said...

Wish more people would "put their money where their mouth's are."

Anonymous said...

By your own admission, Rich is a real estate developer. I doubt that these are "bogus" companies for the purpose of beating FEC laws, but more likely, they are real estate partnerships that own different developments. This is common in the real estate business. Get over this Howard Rich guy, at least he isn't only clamoring for government money, he is using his to get what he wants.

Tammy said...

again...fantastic work. Article in the Spartanburg Herald Journal has even picked up on your handywork.


And to anonymous...give me a break...if rich Democrat funneled sketchy dollars into Rex's bank account you'd be whining your butt off. Oh yeah...I forget..OK for y'all to be unethical...just not anyone else. My bad.

thanks Gervais...i hope the urge keeps you coming back.
;-) t

w said...

I don't get your point. Since Mr. Rich can set up more companies than I can, that means he should be justified in donating more to one candidate than the law allows? Is that what you're saying? Is his political voice worth more than mine or yours? If so, then why don't we just do away with campaign finance laws altogether and Mr. Rich can just give Floyd a couple hundred thousand dollars and be done with it? Why the shell game?

I personally don't think any candidate should get private campaign donations. public financing of elections is the only way to ensure that one person doesn't exert undue influence over an election like this. That way, if Mr. Rich really wants to see Floyd get elected, he can vote for her. Then his voice counts just the same as mine, regardless of his wealth. That sounds like a healthy democracy to me. Oh, wait, he doesn't live here. So he couldn't vote for her. Maybe he should keep his damn nose out of SC politics.

w said...

Oh yeah, and thanks for the parting shot across the bow Gervais. You'll be missed.

another thought said...

I believe people who are pushing for a private school voucher program ARE "clamoring for government money", anonymous!! They want tax money (which should go to SC public schools) in their own pockets, then shortchange the teachers and kids with no accountability.

It is sad you are leaving us Gervais! But keep up the good fight where ever life leads you.

Anonymous said...

Gervais...say it aint's so?!? With work like this, how can we afford to lose your ability to shed light on crooked campaign contributions?

Earl Capps said...

Anyone ever wonder if these people are primarily concerned about building support networks and learning how to win races in SC in time for the critical 2008 SC GOP Presidential Primary?

Anonymous said...

So Gervais, where is the organization sending you, and why can't you be involved from there? Isn't most of your research on the web? Don't misunderstaqnd. I think you provide a valuable transparency to politics ( and barbeque).

Or, is it just time?

Or, did you and the boss have a talk about the blog?

Anonymous said...

G Thang-

Sorry to see you stopping this thing, but like they say, it's best to go out on top. I wonder what Mr. Folks will do with his time now that you are going to be gone. I would think he'd spend it working for his clients...but then again, I hear imaginary things don't pay too well. Perhaps he'll take up karate. He's already experienced at breaking down doors after all. Those pieces of small wood will be no test for him. He'll probably start as at least a green belt right?

I get back in town around the first of August. Give me a shout. I've got a hankerin' for the Pig. Lucious Jr. will be in town and since he is a native South Carolinian, he loves barbecue. Haven't taken him to the Pig yet, he might as well go with the Master.

Of course there is always "welcome to Moe's!!!"

You've got the digits.

Take care and keep in touch,


Anonymous said...

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