Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Reaction to Rich's riches

How 'bout that?

Barbecue & Politics got a mention in yesterday’s (Hilton Head) Island Packet for last week’s serial on “Missourians” in Charge, “South Carolinians” for Responsible Government, and New York developer Howard Rich’s other curiously named pet projects.

From columnist David Lauderdale’s “Learning how to do the limbo when money sets the bar”:

A number of people told me during the session that money is influencing legislation in South Carolina like never before. The result is special interests getting what they want -- at the expense of everyone else.

A South Carolina blog I like to follow (scbarbecue.blogspot.com) is reporting one way the money-for-policy scheme works. It shows how out-of-state money is pouring into South Carolina politics.

People who can buy influence are the ones who set the bar. And the rest of us have to learn to do the limbo to our new theme song: "It Could Have Been Worse."

Thanks for the plug, Mr. Lauderdale, and welcome to all of you Islanders getting your Gerv on for the first time!

Everyone else, check out David's fine blog here.

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Tammy said...

Sweet. Congrats. Well deserved. Thanks for rocking the boat.
;-) t

STR said...

Good deal Gervais. Hopefully this will make many more.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, as well and thanks for doing the research for us all it was very informative --- and have fun rocking the boat just don't tip it over!!!