Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sanford becomes SC’s chief export

Exporting 40% of candidacy to out-of-state interests 'crucial to trade balance,' says governor

B & P News - Columbia

With 2006 out-of-state contributions reaching a staggering 40%, the gubernatorial candidacy of Mark Sanford has become the hottest commodity sold across South Carolina’s borders, according to a report released Tuesday by the Department of Commerce.

The report, a joint effort with the State Ethics Commission, says Sanford’s candidacy has outpaced even time-honored exports like vehicles, wood-pulp, and cotton to earn the coveted title of “the Palmetto State’s chief export.”

“The folks buying Mark Sanford’s candidacy are people with pockets that are deep, especially compared to their familiarity with the state of South Carolina,” said Commerce Secretary Joe Taylor. “Many of these folks are sending their checks to Charlotte.”

Taylor said the major markets for the purchase of Mark Sanford’s candidacy include New York City and Dallas, where investors find the Sanford price tag of $3500 to be an “irresistibly good deal.” But the report also shows growth in Sanford exports to areas other than the well-known hotbeds of Sanford candidacy investment.

“I purchase some Sanford each quarter, for the good of the state,” said Arlo Wagess, an Alabama worker supporting the new Airbus facility in Mobile. “Not your unemployed-ass state. My state.”

Sanford was pleased by the news, telling reporters that vigorous exporting plays an important role in maintaining the state’s trade balance. He said the export of 40% of his candidacy to out-of-state interests is crucial to that balance, and offsets major imports like milk and rampant joblessness.

“I couldn’t be happier that my candidacy is South Carolina’s leading export, especially since the word ‘leading’ is finally being used to describe me,” said the candidate. “That being said, I pledge if re-elected to give South Carolinians 110% of the remaining 60% of my political focus.”

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