Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Porky D's

I recently got “served” on Two Notch Road.

You heard me. This weekend the Bridges family loaded up the wagon and headed out to the “other Two Notch” - Two Notch Road in Lexington - to try a new barbecue joint called Porky D’s. Actually, new isn’t the best word for it.

The D stands for “Dooley,” a Lexington name if I ever heard one, and Porky D’s has been in business a long time, selling carry-out smoked barbecue that Mama would bring by the house on Saturdays. Now Porky D’s is an eat-in restaurant too, but still has only weekend hours.

I’ll start by saying the decorating leaves a little to be desired. There are roses on every table (yellow, orange, and pink ones) and there are porcelain pigs lined up on shelves on the wall.

But what Porky D’s lacks in ambience, it makes up for in righteous barbecue and great prices. My plate (pictured) was only $5.99 and scored a perfect 10 in taste. Next time, though, I’m getting the ribs. Hannah Jane gave me one of hers and it was phenomenal.

HJ, Petunia, and I finished off our meal by splitting a piece of chocolate-iced pound cake three ways for dessert, which made me glad Gervais Jr. doesn't yet have a tooth in his whole head.

Try the ribs and barbecue at Porky D’s, just barely on the Columbia side of I-20. It's definitely worth the trip. Gervais says, you won’t regret getting Dooley served.

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