Thursday, March 16, 2006

Stuffy's Barbecue Sandwich

I might have to break down and get me one of these new-fangled camera phones. My friend took this picture today and had already emailed it to me by the time we sat to eat at Stuffy’s, on South Main Street near the USC Law School. How crazy is that?

Truth is, Gervais doesn’t even own a “regular” cell phone. Never have. And Hannah Jane hates it.

She always asks these contrived “what if” questions involving the dire need to talk to me immediately, and I offer my standard answer, pointing out that our parents and their parents and their parents didn’t have cell phones yet somehow managed to get by.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by Stuffy’s barbecue sandwich. (Sandwich, coleslaw, fries and drink: $5.75). Not only do Stuffy’s prices reflect its college clientele, you can also choose your barbecue base – mustard, vinegar, or ketchup.

That’s a no-brainer for a kid raised here in the buckle of the mustard belt, but my boss ordered the ketchup-based, over my strenuous objection. He’s from New York. I tasted it, and it was okay. I think I’ll stick with my mustard.

One day, though, I may venture out into the world of ketchup-based ‘cue. When I do, I’ll document the event with my camera phone.

Gervais says, stuff your face with a Stuffy’s barbecue sandwich. The burgers ain’t bad, either.


Earl Capps said...

I'll be sure to take you up on that advice. Thanks for the time you put in finding these places for us!

Laurin Manning said...

The chicken philly at Stuffy's is to die for!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of fond of Stuffy's myself. The chicken Philly is pretty interesting as well if you are having a non-barbecue moment. And you can get a dollar off some meals if you have one of those student ID cards.