Monday, March 13, 2006

Sanford challenges Lovelace to June 14th debate

‘Republicans deserve to know, on June 14th, where we differ on the issues,’ says Governor

B & P News - Columbia

Eager to discuss where he differs from Newberry Physician Oscar Lovelace on the issues, Governor Mark Sanford has challenged his GOP primary opponent to a televised debate on Wednesday, June 14th.

“I’ve always said that competition makes you stronger, and choice makes all the difference in the world. For those reasons, I am challenging Oscar Lovelace to a debate on the issues,” said Sanford. “On June 14th.”

While the June 14th debate timeframe is later than Lovelace expected, the candidate is thankful for the additional preparation time permitted by a June 14th engagement.

“South Carolina’s unemployment is 46th in the nation, and people are losing tons of weight in the Super Duper Sanford Shrinkdown,” said Lovelace. “Simply put, he’s on fire. I can use the extra time for him to cool off from this hot streak.”

While it is an uncharacteristic move, some analysts say they are not surprised by Sanford’s keenness to spar with Lovelace on the issues that matter to Republicans, on June 14th.

“I’m not exactly shocked,” said USC political science professor Jerry Manders. “If I had Sanford’s list of accomplishments, I’d throw down the gauntlet too.”

“On June 14th,” continued Manders.

This is the second debate to which Sanford has challenged Lovelace in as many months. Early last month, the Governor blasted his GOP challenger for not responding to a debate request. That contest was proposed for February 29th.


Anonymous said...

hilarious! another fine job, Gervais!

judge (M.J.) said...

If he maybe he wins the GOP Nomination he'll challenge the democrats to a December debate!