Monday, March 06, 2006

Governor’s performance results in Oscar

Below: Sanford holds his Oscar
for the role of "governor without
49th-ranked unemployment"

Academy honors Sanford's acting

B & P News - Hollywood

SC Governor Mark Sanford earned an Academy Award last night for his role in the 2005’s “Soil Conditions,” in which he acts like a governor of a state unaffected by rampant unemployment. Though the film is technically a documentary, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences made an exception and granted Sanford the Best Male Actor award for his over-the-top portrayal.

“He’s a terrific actor - especially considering the role is such a stretch,” said film critic Roger Ebert. “From beginning to end, Mark has the audience convinced that he is the governor of a state without 49th-ranked unemployment.”

“It’s the eyes,” agreed critic Gene Shalit. “When you look into them, there's an aloofness that could only belong to the governor of a state with a pristine AAA credit rating. I don’t know how he pulls it off.”

Hollywood insiders have speculated for months that Sanford’s convincing performance as "a governor of a state without high joblessness" would result in Oscar. During his acceptance speech, Sanford thanked loyal supporter and special effects director John Rainey, among others.

“I’d especially like to thank Alabama Governor Bob Riley, who I studied under,” said Governor Sanford. “I watched his every move, from securing Airbus to reducing unemployment to 3.1%. I pretended that was me. That's the magic of Hollywood.”

Sanford accepted his award in a custom-made Marc Jacobs tuxedo.

“The tux was definitely cutting-edge,” said fashion commentator Joan Rivers, from the red carpet outside the awards show. “You could almost see the coattails shrinking as he walked by.”


Earl Capps said...

I used to think your blog was pretty funny and witty, but since it's now turning its focus to going after Governor Sanford, it's not as much fun anymore.

not to say that criticizing Sanford (or any other politico) in a creative and witty way isn't funny, but when it seems to become the sole topic of discussion, it loses its charm.

find some other targets and give us more of the free-ranging laugh-my-ass-off variety that you once had. after all, this IS south carolina, with a political landscape chock full of politicos begging for a kick in the ass.

Anonymous said...

agree w/earl. everyone who really wants a job has on. when the rest leave sc, the rate will go down several perntage points.

Fonzie said...

yeah, I'm beginning to agree. All of this all sanford all of the time is getting old. Even Paul Adams at Queer as Folks left Will Folks alone some of the time. This is getting ridiculous. It is time for you to retire this blog dude. You have jumped the shark...when you had a very special episode by adding a cute new little face with Gervais Jr. for season 2...this sitcom is OVER.

Anonymous said...

Respectfully disagreeing with Mr. Capps (and cheerfully disregarding 2 of Mr. Folks 12 personalities displayed immediately above), I say go for it.

As long a Sanford provides the endless material, I'm more than happy to see Gervais pillorying away.

The complication is that Sanford is pretty much his own parody, so Gervais must struggle to mock him. But I do enjoy watching the effort.

judge said...

I think it was doggone funny!!

Anonymous said...

Did SanFord buy or rent his tux for the awards? Wonder if Ms. Jenny wore the same gown she wore to the White House last weekend?

Anonymous said...

This is the one blog that is part of my daily routine. Others I read IF I get spare time. Don't change a thing.

Nettie said...

Haven't been reading long enough to form an honest opinion. Except I don't really care for the tux...

Mike Reino said...

While I agree that the flamethrower could be aimed elsewhere at times ( Even I leave Clyburn alone once in a while), it doesn't take away from the fact that this was pretty funny. If we didn't allow our politicians to be picked on, we'd be burning down the Statehouse right now.

Anonymous said...

While Gervais' humor often makes my day, I think for too many South Carolinians our politicians are tolerated like some eccentric family member, "Well, you know, that's just ol Cousin Dupree"

Maybe again we're not that far from the days when whiskey would buy you vote. Now we just do it with sound bites of wedge issues.

Keep kickin' Gervais!

phishoutawater said...

Keep up the good work, Gervais! Accountability of the public trust is needed even up to the Governors office. If Earl Capps thinks you have lost your charm, then you must be doing something right.

STR said...

Keep up the good work. Just continue to laugh at the rest of the people who are still drinking the Sanford Kool-Aid.