Friday, January 13, 2006

Sanford blasts Lovelace for out-of-county donations

Below: Sanford uses maps to contrast his tight
base of local support with Lovelace’s donors from
“all over creation”
“So much for being a ‘Newberry’ physician,” scoffs Governor

B & P News - Columbia

Governor Mark Sanford took aim today at GOP primary opponent Oscar Lovelace, for the large percentage of out-of-county donations accepted in his bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

“All I’m saying is, if this guy’s a ‘Newberry’ physician, why is money flowing in from Greenville, and Aiken, and Charleston?” asked Sanford at a press conference. “Sounds a little fishy to me.”

Sanford used charts to illustrate that his opponent’s donations have come from “practically all over creation,” while contributions to his own campaign have been relatively localized. While Lovelace does not deny that he has accepted numerous contributions from non-Newberry counties, he says he “patently rejects donations from Marlboro County, on principle.”

Even with a small war-chest that rolled over from his MUSC Student Body President campaign, Lovelace trails the governor in fundraising so far. But he doesn’t necessarily think large donations will affect voter turnout in the primary.

“Dollars translate to votes about as well as Gullah translates to pig Latin,” said Lovelace, consulting his notebook of state-specific one-liners. “South Carolinians can’t be bought like a cheap trinket from South of the Border, and Pedro can hang his sombrero on that.”


Queer as Folks said...

is that a "polite" jab at Sanford fundraisers held in new york city and needless to say in the cincinatti reds baseball stadium...hell if I were lovelace, I would be most proud to be holed up in south carolina at Shealy's eatin' barbecue and some of the damned finest fried chicken in the whole round world.

money can buy you alot but it can't buy you buy you good barbecue and "real" south carolina politics!!!!

Earl Capps said...

wow ... that is EXCELLENT photoshop work. far better than anything i can do, that's for sure.

pretty funny story too, like always. great work - keep it up.

Laurin Manning said...

Gervais knows that the "notebook of SC-specific one-liners" is my absolute favorite! Haha!

Laurin Manning said...

Why the rejection from Marlboro County contributions, though? The Mannings have been in Marlboro County since Moses Manning parted the Pee Dee River during the American Revolution. (Okay, so it's only confirmed that he sold cattle near the river.)

Jeffrey Sewell said...

This would be funny if he actually had raised any money or could be taken seriously as a statewide candidate.

Check out the contributions to date at:

PS...My dem friends (no pun intended) really, really like Oscar, what does that say?

Queer as Folks said...

that the guy has bi-partisan support. Sewell, check this one out. Sanford was a "BIG" participant at the PRIMARILY DEMOCRAT Rennaisance Weekend for many years, where guess who? That's right, those goofy country cousins The Clintons developed their big money network to become president.

And another thing, Sanford "Mark", not fred, was Phil Lader's driver when Phil Lader ran for Governor as a Democrat. That wasn't all that many years ago. So old mark may talk the good republican game...but he is just another one of those party switchers like most of the Republicans in South Carolina.

At least the Shealy's have a track record of running candidates for office with no "real" track record of being "heavily" involved with the democratic party prior to running as or becoming "Republican". Like I said at the beginning of the post, Maybe the guy is just developing a bi-partisan coalition.

Laurin Manning said...

How would "dem friends" be a pun?

goodintentions said...

It's going to be a really interesting year. Let's hope they keep the antics to a minimum.

I'm wondering if anyone in the legislature paid attention to the Palmetto Institute study recommending a Tax Policy Commission. The theory being that the state's tax system is basically a three legged stool, with the legs being property, sales, income. Shorten, or remove one leg, and the stool falls over.

The Palmetto Inst. wants to see the commission come into play to keep the idiots in the Gen. Assembly from doing something stupid for the sake of votes or campaign money.

Anonymous said...

The Palmetto Institute is nothing but a sham organization for Darla Moore to advance her agenda in preparation for her gubernatorial campaign. She’s the only statewide hope for the Dems in 2010. Joe Erwin has taken himself out of contention with his performance, or lack there of, as State Chairman.

Anonymous said...

We know that the Instititue is an anti-tax reduction organization, but thank you for bringing it to our attention again, Mr. Folks. Don't you have your own blog you can comment on?

Queer as Folks said...

actually, that's blogs. And a blog seems to be kind of like a personality and Will seems to have a multitude of them these days...kind of like sybil. Let's see there are:

Faith in the Sound
Masked Media
The Capital Cafe
and the occasional post over at Laurin Line.

You are right, Will, instead of posting anonymously could have posted his little "dig" on one of the plethora of blogs he claims at least partial ownership in.

Gervais S. Bridges said...

Okay, kids -- that's enough.

Laurin Manning said...

QAF, I know you love a good conspiracy theory, and I hate to ruin another one for ya, but I know who writes Capital Cafe and who writes Masked Media, and neither is Will Folks.

Queer as Folks said...

If the goddess speaks, it must be true, but you cannot deny me and the other comments out there that have the same feeling? can you...and none of us here the silent whizzing of the black heliocopters.

I will open up this discussion on my blog but I won't carry it any further on this blog.

It's just not an appropriate forum.

Laurin Manning said...

Goddess? I like that!!!! ;-)

I won't argue with you that there are some of the same sentiments on the other sites (Will does have friends!), but the writing styles are too different to be Will's. I could spot Will's writing 10 miles away.

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