Saturday, December 17, 2005

Weekly Re-Hash

"I believe in preparing the soil conditions..."

Here are Gervais' choice cuts from the SC blogosphere this week:

I meant to include this film about fainting goats from the LaurinLine in last week's rehash, but I forgot. This is the Citizen Kane of stiff-legged goat flicks.

Both Palmetto Observer and the Crunchy Republican addressed their disbelief in Bono's new friendship with Jesse Helms, but neither went for the obvious headline, "I can't believe the news today..."

And SC Hotline pointed readers to for Aaron Gould Sheinin's conversation with Sanford, who put my mind at ease about our unemployment situation:

"One of the hottest topics is the larger theme of economic development. ... I believe in preparing the soil conditions. And I think we took an important step toward getting soil conditions better in South Carolina."

Ah, yes, soil conditions. And I was all worried about unemployment.

One more thing: This site doesn't have one of those new-fangled trackers that lets me know from where the hell all you crazies have managed to steal internet access. I suspect, based on the nature of the comments, that a lot of B & P's readership comes from federal penitentiaries, neo-Huguenot nudist colonies, and Bob Jones University. But I can't prove that. All Gervais gets to see is the total number of visitors each day, and I think I like it that way. Just thought you'd like to know. Especially Joe Hinson from Gilbert -- you spend way too much time on this site, Joe.


Laurin Manning said...


You can download a sitemeter for free at :-)

Gervais S. Bridges said...

Thanks, Laurin. I do enjoy looking at yor site-meter from time to time, but in some ways, ignorance is bliss. The GoogleAds let me know the number of unique guests each day, plus they've made me enough money this month to buy a sandwich and a small Coke.