Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hudson's Smokehouse

Hannah Jane, Petunia, and I piled in the wagon this evening to try out Hudson's Smokehouse on Highway 378 (aka Expect-a-Butt-ton-of-Traffic-Around-Sunrise-and-Sunset Boulevard) in Lexington. Right next to Ballbusters Paintball...

This place was good, but we were lucky to have dressed Petunia -- with seven teeth in her whole head -- warmly. There is no "indoors" at Hudson's. There was a propane heater, though, and a nice outdoor sink for hand-washin'. It happened to be a great night to eat outside.

The pulled pork was high-quality, and there was an array of sauces: Ultimate Southern Comfort (vinegar, it was okay), Gold Southern Comfort (spicy mustard, it was great), and Red Southern Comfort (didn't try it).

The standout for me was the hash. It had a sweet taste to it. And the collards were spicy as all-get-out. The slaw wasn't the best, though. It was like my brother Fripp's prom date: to chunky, and not very sweet. My only other gripe is that Hudson's is not a buffet.

Gervais says, give Hudson's a try if you're out towards Lexington. I think you'll find it pretty good.

Make sure you drop by Barbecue & Politics tomorrow for the inaugural edition of "Five Questions With...", where Gervais asks the best and the brightest Sandlappers the questions you want answered about barbecue, politics, and life. This week's guest is a great guy, a fellow you probably know on a first name basis, and a staple in the Bridges household.

Finally, rest in Peace, Governor Campbell. Thanks for all you did for my family.

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