Monday, November 28, 2005

Smokey Bones... your reward for going to Harbison this time of year

Hannah Jane and I went out to Smokey Bones over the weekend with a couple of friends. That side of town is ferocious of late, but this place is worth it if you're out there.

The pulled pork was good, as deemed by myself and my buddy Sticky. His is an opinion I value, because he is the one dentist out of ten that doesn't recommend Trident gum, and therefore I know he puts a lot of thought into giving his seal of approval to such things. His wife Bonnie Lee deemed the St. Louis style ribs "the best she'd had in a while."

The highlight of the Smokey Bones experience, however, is not the pulled pork or the ribs. It's the skillet cornbread with crushed pecan butter you MUST order as an appetizer (Really you must, it's SC Law - bill introduced by Jakie Knotts). I just salivated all over my spacebar thinking about that stuff. I had collard greens and fried apples for my sides, and they were great as well.

The menu says the meat is smoked for "up to twelve hours," which in my world can mean anywhere between one second and twelve hours. But judging by the taste, I'd say it was closer to twelve hours. Menus aren't supposed to be literature, I guess, and I'm sure I've done as bad or worse on this blog. Anyway, try Smokey Bones if you ever find yourself in that circle of Hell known as "Harbison during the holidays."

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