Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hunley preservation team makes new discovery

Below: A worker removes marine
growth from historic decal
Confederate submersible sported first "Don't blame me, I voted for Jeff Davis" bumper sticker on rudder

B & P News - Charleston

Preservationists at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in Charleston made a historically significant find on Friday when they discovered what is thought to be the first "Don't blame me, I voted for Jeff Davis" bumper sticker, affixed to the rudder of the CSS Hunley.

"This is a big find," said Jonah Giphurst, lead preservationist for the Hunley. "Before now, most people thought the sticker had its origin in South Congaree, or maybe Red Bank. This places the Jeff Davis sticker in its proper historical context, and dispels some of the false associations attributed to it."

News of the historic decal spread quickly among Civil War enthusiasts and Confederate memorabilia retailers. Several South Carolinians already have similar stickers on their vehicles.

"I got one on my F-150," said Cletis P. Horck, a resident of Batesburg-Leesville and member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. "I think it conveys an important sentiment about states' rights and the role of the central government. It also reflects my feelings about negroes."

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