Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Lunch: Bush, barbecue and blues

Today Petunia and I joined my old man for some first-rate barbecue and ribs at Sticky Fingers. The name fits -- if a tree frog ate here you'd have to pry the ribs out of his hands with tweezers and petroleum jelly.

There's a big cardboard cutout of the President as you enter, and there's a strong Republican aura to the place, even though they try to offset it with pictures of blues legends who are, as a rule, non-Republican. Something tells me Drink Small never ate here.

Speaking of Drink Small, the Sticky Fingers official website has a neat feature that lets you ascertain your "blues name" by plugging in your initials. Ol' Gervais' blues name is Ugly Bad Boy McGee. What about the contenders in the upcoming gubernatorial primary elections?


Governor Jailhouse Harp Davis
faces Dr. Red Lemon Parker
Senator Big Liver Lee faces
Mayor Hollerin' Eyes Bailey


Phillip said...

Republican aura huh? Is that the Sticky Fingers in red Lexington County or the one in blue Richland County, I wonder? I was thinking about trying those Memphis(58% blue)-style ribs but if I'm greeted by a cardboard Dubya I'm not so sure if my digestive tract could handle it.

Anonymous said...

I visit the Irmo location often and have never noticed a cardboard Bush.

Anonymous said...

Went back to Sticky Fingers in Irmo...there is now a large cardboard version of Dubya in there.