Monday, June 02, 2008

10,000 Lakes and one bozo

Joshua "public education is welfare" Gross reports that he will attend the Republican National Convention in Minnesota this September as an alternate. Gervais says, I can think of no one better to represent real South Carolina values than Joshua.

And by "represent real South Carolina values," I mean that he recently learned how to pronounce "Horry."


Anonymous said...

A transplanted California right wing whacko that worked for groups financed with out-of-state money that has been remarkably unsuccessful in selling its “message”…now goes to Minnesota to represent us…the people of SC. Only in the whacko world inspired by Mark Sanford could this happen.

They right wing theory boys…those that love theory more than people…have no clue what real people are thinking. And when we Republicans have our tails handed to us in November they will undoubtedly blame it on us, the great unlearned. After all, we love our kids more than Adam Smith and our jobs more than the Heritage Foundation. We prefer our neighbor to Howard Rich, and our churches to Libertarianism.

Call us funny that way. doubt Uncle Howie or the boys will be pay all or some of his way to the convention. After all...the gravey train is the ultimate status symbol in that world.

Calhoun said...

I was born in Lexington Medical Center, and you would probably consider me one of those "right wing theory boys." There are a lot of voters just like me.

No strings attached--just a passion for conservative politics.

Rob W. said...

I think that there might be more than one bozo in Minnesota that week.

Former Youth for Spence said...

Well said, anonymous. A lot of the right wing bozos would rather stay home or throw their vote away on Bob Barr than vote for McCain---at least that's what they're saying. Won't it be a wonderful world if Obama is elected?