Thursday, May 15, 2008

Purple senator blogs out!

Kevin Bryant wants to end the PACT real real real bad, but apparently doesn’t want to have to vote on it.

In case you have an aversion to purple people or for some other reason do not visit Anderson senator Kevin Bryant’s blog, you’re missing his “open letter” to Superintendent of Education Jim Rex. I believe Dr. Rex actually responded to Bryant’s blog, but his response was deleted.

Anyway, Bryant begs for an end to the PACT (but not requiring his vote) on his blog, which I suggest you read for yourself.

All of this leads me to three observations:

1. Barney the dinosaur called and he wants his complexion back! Zing!

2. Nothing says "I'm not playing politics with the PACT" like an open letter posted on your blog. To lend even more gravitas to such a letter, paint yourself purple.

3. "Something" tells me if Howard Rich candidate Karen Floyd had won the 2006 Supt. of Education election, we wouldn't be seeing such gamesmanship from Bryant. But it's hard to say what that "something" is. Also, Kevin Bryant is apparently purple.


Anonymous said...

Bryant is a real lightweight. He has hooked up with a consultant and they now read polls, and blog.

But don't ever think there is a "there" there...because there isn't.

He is just another empty suit chasing personal glory.

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