Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sanford forming new non-profit advocacy group

Below: Sanford announces formation of new non-profit.
DumpSC will be "a movement about a movement"

B&P News - Columbia

Governor Mark Sanford announced today that he and his allies have created yet another non-profit organization, to help the second-term governor achieve an “important policy objective” during the coming weeks.

The group, DumpSC, has formed to assist the governor in what he calls “a movement about a movement.” Sanford would not elaborate any further on which aspect of his agenda the group will support.

But DumpSC’s president, Deuce Freeley, told B&P News that his goal is "related to government waste,” and vowed to work closely with the politically embattled Sanford to overcome what he calls a "legislatively induced stalemate."

“We’re tired of the perception that the governor simply rules from his throne, with nothing to show for it at the end of the day,” said Freeley. “People need to realize this is the legislature’s fault.”

Freeley said the new group is different from other pro-Sanford non-profits, like the SC Club for Dump and South Carolinians for a Regular Governorship, because those groups are secretive about their funding.

“Unlike those other groups, we have no problems with admitting we’re funded from out-of-state,” said Freeley. “In fact, our slogan is ‘Flush with out-of-state cash.’”

DumpSC is the eleventh Sanford-based non-profit advocacy group formed in South Carolina this year, according to the Sanford-Based Non-Profit Division of the Secretary of State's office.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, your humor is closer to the truth than you know...

The Blue South said...

I thought their slogan was "Whatcha gonna do with all those dumps...those lovely lady dumps." There you go with your biased bleeping agenda again, distorting the truth for your own profit margins (yeah, I saw the AdWords...bleeping sellout).