Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Polled Pork: Bloomberg/LA Times

Pollster: Bloomberg/L.A. Times
Sample: 1,056 registered voters, nationally, June 7-10
Sample error: 3%

Republicans (survey narrowed to four strongest candidates)
Giuliani: 32%
Thompson: 28%
McCain: 17%
Romney: 14%

Clinton: 33%
Obama: 22%
Gore: 15%
Edwards: 8%

Matchups: “Obama ... is the only Democrat who beats all three major Republican contenders: Giuliani, McCain and Romney… Clinton barely loses to McCain and Romney, 60, while trailing Giuliani 49 percent to 39 percent. Edwards runs ahead of Romney and Giuliani and behind McCain.”

What Pepe said: "'He reminds me of Reagan,' said Pepe, a Republican who favors Thompson. 'You want to listen to him.'"

Source: Bloomberg.com

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