Monday, November 21, 2005

D's Wings and the Beta Club

The Bridges Family stopped by D's Wings this weekend to get ourselves amped up for the big game and to commemorate Petunia's latest two teeth -- she now has seven in her whole head.

D's has the best wings in town, but I decided to give the baby back ribs a go. They were good, but not on the same level as their namesake delicacy. They have four sauces to choose from, and the ribs typically come with fried corn on the cob, which I had to forego due to my upcoming marathon.

D's is the closest thing to Cheers we have on my side of the river. I used to go there almost weekly when I was in high school. That's really when I got my start in media and whatnot. Not blogging, because the internet wasn't around back then, or at least not around here. No, I was the guy who made the morning announcements and said the pledge each morning at school.

My claim to fame was the announcement I made on a friend's birthday. He was the president of the Beta Club, you know, the assemblage of Fauntleroys who made your class rank so miserable every semester. Anyway, like I said, it was his birthday, and so that morning I said over the PA system, "Happy Birthday to the Beta Club president, the Master Beta, Mike Harmon*."

Master Beta. That went over like a Piggie Park in Mecca. Young Gervais got a good talkin' to that day.

*name changed to protect the true Master Beta.


Anonymous said...

D's has the best wings in town - you might know your q but your judgement on wings is lacking

Gervais said...

Well, don't keep us in suspense... Who has the best wings in town?

*jcg said...

still waiting on the Wingy... Wild Wings, that is!

Anonymous said...

I surely do love Wild Wings more than almost anyplace and am super excited about the upcoming Columbia locations. However, as a wing-eater who is oh so particular, I have to give a big thumbs up to the wings at D's (Cayce location only). Wild Wings has the best of many things, but for wings, I think that D's just squeaks by them for first.

Laurin Manning said...

I'm not a right-winger, left-winger, or hot-winger, but I hear the best in town are at Publick House on Devine.

Laughed my head off at "Master Beta!"

Oh, and props on the Little Lord Fauntleroy reference!

Anonymous said...

If the first "anonymous" would re-read the article about D's, they might see that Gervais actually DOES say that their wings are the best in town...guess they missed the mark on that one.

Palmetto Neocon said...

D's Wings are the best. And the Cut Fries are awesome. Best Wings, and perhaps, best restauraunt in Columbia!
And is Gervais big boneded? Cause I am a big ole' boy, and WE(us big people) know what is good. Have you ever seen an awesome cook who is skinny. PN hasnt!!!