Monday, October 31, 2005

Murray's Barbecue Sandwich... even better than the tender crisp bacon cheddar ranch

Hannah Jane, Petunia, and I ducked into Murray's in Cayce this weekend. Nice place, even with a lotto machine at the bar. (Ordering hash is the only game of chance I like to play at restaurants.)

The barbecue sandwich I ordered was the vinegar and pepper, North Cackalacky variant with some sauce on the side to cater to this side of Carowinds. It was good, I can't lie. I didn't even use the sauce, except for on Hannah Jane's fries.

I get the impression that Murray's is where folks from Gaston and Swansea go for a night on the "town." Then they hop right across Charleston Highway to this "members only" bar. Why does members only sometimes give me the same eerie feeling that states' rights used to?

Oh, I remember why. My friend Jim told me about this members only diner up near Flo-town that he went to with his co-worker for lunch. The guy said not to worry about it, but when Jim walked in, he still felt obliged to ask one of the servers, "Do I need to be a member?"

"Oh, you're a member," she said back. Once his buddy clued him in, Jim realized his credentials were simply that he was a white dude. Think about how jacked up that is.

Gervais says, if Darius ain't welcome, you can count me out as well.


Anonymous said...

I never knew that Murray's was a "members only" place...wonder if this is a new thing there? Back to the point, Murray's chicken signature sub is DELICIOUS! It has some sort of secret sauce on it and the roll that it's on is similar to the bread that you get at Outback. Think I'll have venture to that side of town for a sandwich and to see what's up w/ this "members only" policy.

Gervais said...

Murray's isn't members only. The way I worded it may have been confusing. There's a member's only bar across the street. Sorry.

Can't wait to try the chicken sub, if I can overcome my urge to get the barbecue!

Anonymous said...

I'll read more carefully next time. Thanks for setting my mind as ease on the members issue!

Anonymous said...

it's really strange!! by the way here in Italy we love BBQ !!

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